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Then followed Kirkcudbright (Scotland) and a third son William (1889), Dinar­d in Brittany (France), a short period at St Helier (Jersey) for the birth of Frank (1893), and the New Forest (near Beaulieu) in Hampshire.Finally they sett­led in Oxford in 1896 for the education of their children, where Arnold became the last son to be born (1900).In TE’s family there is disagreement about the quality of his childhood.On the one hand we have his mother and oldest brother who claim a harmonious and happy childhood for him.An unhappy marriage without love on either side – tho’ I had four young daugh­ters.Yr mother & I unfortunately fell in love with each other & when the exposé came, thought only of getting away & hiding our­selves.”The woman for whom he had fallen head over heels, was the governess of his daughters, Sarah Junner (1861-1959).

(*3) The first step was moving to Oxford, where Canon Christopher was Rector of .

She became his mistress, and when pregnant left the household to live in Dublin, giving birth to Robert (Bob) in 1885.

What followed was rather unexpected and untypical both for a master-servant relationship and for that time.

Children and adoles­cents with such a background had to be preven­ted at all costs from giving them­selves over to libidin­ous indul­gence.

Masturbation in particular, was considered by both medical and religious authorities, to be an absolute horror, an uncleanliness, a filthiness for­bidden by God, an unmanliness despised by men.

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