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In the snap, David appears to be in the twins spacious nursery with the family dog sleeping peacefully on a rug in the background.

Little Harper is dressed all in pink, while her brother wears tiny denim shorts and a black t-shirt.

Or, as someone on my Facebook posted, "I loved your show with Neil Patrick Harris and Nate Burkus." Hm. Anyhoo, we did two sold-out shows at Town Hall and the crowd loved it.

I don't know if their i Phone auto corrected the name or if they literally thought Oprah decorator Nate Burkus married Neil Patrick Harris. David sang "All I Need Is The Girl," which was his song when he played Tulsa in the Bernadette Peters Gypsy, the role he was playing when he met Neil.

The couple recently revealed that they have a playdate partner for their son and daughter in the form of Elton John and David Furnish's son Zachary.'Elton and David came to our house for Zachary’s first play date a couple weeks back,' Neil said in Feburary.'They’re great guys. They’re so fiercely involved in their son’s life and it’s really kind of great to watch them interact with him.'Neil and David, who is also an actor, welcomed the fraternal twins in October last year via a surrogate.

Neil once again used social networking site Twitter to announce the news to the world.'Babies!! 'On 10/12 Gideon Scott and Harper Grace entered the Burtka-Harris fold.

Neil and David have been together since April 2004. He also starred alongside Mad Men's Christina Hendricks in the stellar line-up of the New York Philharmonic production of Stephen Sondheim's musical Company.

The two actors went public with their relationship in 2007 when they attended the Emmy awards as a couple. He played the main character, self-confirmed bachelor Robert, who at one point sleeps with Christina, who plays the role of a ditsy and naive airline stewardess called April.

They have two children together, fraternal twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace born Oct.

He told us that one night after the show, he was walking down 9th Ave. when she was doing Into The Woods and they became friends.

in the West 40's with Kate Reinders, his Dainty June, when they ran into Neil. When Neil saw David he gestured towards David and whispered, "Nice job! Oh, he's totally gay." She introduced Neil to David who didn't want Neil to think he was impressed by his celebrity so he squinted his eyes and said (in what Neil calls David "90210" voice) "What's up? Regardless, the hard-to-get act worked for Neil who began a secret recon mission with Kate; every time Kate knew where she and David were going to hang out after Gyspy, she would call Neil and suddenly, at whatever bar they were in, Neil would casually and by chance just happen to run into David.

" Well, the people who look out for bad words on the network told Neil he could not say "sodomy." He thought it was so bizarre because he wasn't saying a slang term; he was actually using the clinical word.

Still, they told him to change it to: "Come in and be inspired There's no same-sex love required…" Snooze.

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