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As a result of this marriage, a single daughter, possessing a higher level of egoism than any other lord in the world at the time, was born.

The Axiom Church was founded around 30HEC (100 years after the creation of Underworld).

Both of these families had two real Rath employees nurturing them, while the rest of the villagers were simulated with placeholder NPCs.

In reality, the existence of the four gods was forged by the Axiom Church to secure its authority over the Human Empire.

Although none of the gods truly exist in the world, they are registered as super accounts in the system, though they had never been used since the creation of Underworld.

Meanwhile, the lords that ruled over the capital held enmity towards each other, so there was a long period of time without any marriages between them.

However, after some time, a political marriage happened between two families of lords for the first time.

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