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When we protect sloth bear habitat, we are also protecting Indian porcupines like this! What should he have inscribed on his 2017 silver pendant?

We've got a few ideas: "Mohan: Majestic and Free" is just one of them.

AMC has done an awful disservice to this show...terrible time slotf first Sunday night at 10 pm and now on Monday night at 9. Apparently we are as stupid as the Europeans think we are. I'm quite frankly amazed TURN is getting a second season even with the ratings flukes.

The elephants obviously love this part of the day because once bathed they will then eat! Not only were the animals amazing, the mahouts and staff were lovely, decent and kind people who made the trip special while again always putting the animals first.If AMC does more to promote Turn and do a time slot change I feel that ratings would improve. Its not my favorite show on TV, nor is it my favorite AMC show, but I like it none the less, it may not be 100% historically accurate, hell it may not even be 40%... Lots of errors that are ridiculously simple to have done correctly. Most of the time if you want a good dramatic dose of history you have to watch British television ( which I also love ).but its damn entertaining none the less and I require no less from any TV show I watch, its all in entertaining drama fun anyways and they do a great job, keep it up AMC. You demonstrate early 19th century percussion methods on Gen. Percussion in the 18th century was done THROUGH THE CLOTHING AND WITH THE FINGERS ~ The method you show is from about 1816 ! Then you have a Senior Citizen play a drummer boy earlier? It doesn't have to be perfect, doesn't take a rocket scientist ~ no photographs of the era. So nice to have one program about Us once in a while. Everyone else in my ofc is watching Game of Thrones, etc. Just watched season/series one in a couple days and am hooked....We do, and part of it involves placing camera traps (hidden cameras that switch on by movement) near caves to observe sloth bear behavior.The cameras end up catching footage of other nocturnal animals too -- like this Indian porcupine.

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