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It was after a night of lovemaking that he asked her about it as they lay in bed the next morning.

I'm sure he was trying to run his fingers through her hair and found he was unable to. I read the interview with Sanaa where she talked about living in Harlem and being terrified of holding his hand because she was afraid of the judgment. Before we got married, my then boyfriend lived in Soho and I in Harlem.

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Interracial relationships are going to always have family and societal disapproval, but guess what, everyone comes around eventually once they realized that it's not superficial, that there's true, honest love there.

When Kenya and Mark are driving back to his house after dinner with her family, the front of Mark's car doesn't show a license plate but when the car is pulling into the driveway a license plate appears.

See more » Geesehoward, to clarify something in your post: Sanaa's lover did not "assume" that she had a weave.

Simon Baker was spotted picking up some essentials at a farmers market in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday.

The former star of The Mentalist sported a sweater, jeans, and a big smile as he picked out bouquets of flowers and stopped at a food truck to grab something to eat — he's basically on the way to your house for a laid-back date, right?

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