Self updating vcard

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With your contact still open, C your business card and choose Edit Business Card. Here, you can alter the Card Design, add/remove and re-order the fields and format each line on your business card.In the top-left is a preview of your Outlook 2010 business card as it’ll appear in your signature.It’s the only digital and mobile business card that is instantly accessible from any smartphone without an app, and can be texted, emailed and downloaded for recipients to easily and accurately save your contact information.Adding your viz Card to your email signatures and online bios is an easy way to ensure your professional contacts always have your latest details.Your links work on all mobile devices and computers.

The v Card specification makes use of the "person" object defined by the CCITT X.500 Series Recommendation for Directory Services and can be considered an extension of it.After you’re satisfied with the information that appears on your business card, you can change the look and feel of each field, as well as the overall design of your business card. You can also add a background color for the entire business card by the Insert tab and then choosing Business Card.The first time you insert your business card, you’ll have to select it from the Other Business Cards dialog, but afterwards, it’ll show up in the drop-down menu.At this point, you’ve got a fully functional business card, albeit a generic one.You can personalize it further by editing the information that shows up on the card and adding formatting and logos.

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