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Analysis by a panel of 30 health care professionals with expertise in pediatric acute care supported the content validity of the P-SAS.

ABSTRACT: El propósito del estudio fue aplicar la escala de valoración de la intensidad de dolor de Susan Givens Bell en la UCI Neonatal.

Within 20 minutes, the patient became compliant and was resting comfortably.

His vital signs remained unchanged (HR 111, BP 94/54, respiratory rate 26, oxygen saturation 98%).

ABSTRACT: No "gold standard" currently exists for the objective assessment of sedation depth in critically ill pediatric patients requiring mechanical ventilation.

The risks for these patients due to both over-sedation and under-sedation include poorer outcomes, reduced patient and family satisfaction, and increased costs to the institutions.

This dose was followed with a continuous infusion of dexmedetomidine (0.2 µg/kg/h).

Se valoró laintensidad del dolor de 47 neonatos de la Unidad Neonatal de la Fundación Cardio Infantil, sometidos a punciones arteriovenosas y de talónutilizando la escala antes y después de los procedimientos.

La información se procesó por medio del paquete estadístico SPSS, y se utilizaronlas pruebas estadísticas Anova 1 Factor y la U Mann Whithey para variables no paramétricas, que generó una significancia estadística dep Data provided are for informational purposes only.

Intubation in children is not without risk, however, especially in an environment where experience and resources for pediatric intubation may be limited.

and may contribute to increased morbidity and prolonged hospitalization.

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