Pages not updating on iphone

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This allows the user to set a default that is not the 16px shipped with browsers.Someone who has trouble reading on screen might set their default to 18px or 20px.Web apps often don't or can't adhere to this setting, therefore allowing the web-browser's built-in accessibility functionality such as zooming is vital.Whatever you think is perfectly readable, believe me, there are people who won't find it clear enough.Those using the 'it's fine in native apps' argument are overlooking the fact that well-made native apps adhere to OS-level accessibility settings such as text size.Older and badly sighted users can and do use extremely large OS-wide font sizes because they need to.

Yes, this is definetly the best practice to avoid zooming on mobile devices. But even with 16px I noticed a very little zoom in my pages so I tried 17px, 18px... It is best practice to declare 100% on body, button, input, textarea and select elements.

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In native mobile apps you never get the chance to zoom and they work just fine, why would a webapp be any different?

If you set the appropriate font-size and line-height with clear contrasts you should be ok.

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