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Oberlin hosted 28 such Guatemalan and Salvadoran refugees.In January 2009, in response to Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that resulted in the deportation of eight local restaurant workers as illegal aliens, the Oberlin City Council passed a resolution guaranteeing equal access to city services without regard to citizenship and stating that it shall be the general practice of City of Oberlin not to inquire about the immigration status of crime victims, witnesses, or others who call or approach city staff seeking assistance. Oberlin's athletics teams will forever remain the Yeomen and Yeowomen, but in 2014 the department officially welcomed a squirrel mascot to its department-wide branding scheme. 9 issue says the "Yeomen was derived from a combination of Ye-O-Men and was chosen because of its cleverness and implication of fighting warriors." The person who proposed the name was Lee Shackson.It is a more conservative and less eloquent statement that questioned whether all war is sinful.Although this society also appears to have been short lived, it did send Amasa Walker as a delegate to the 1843 World's Peace Convention in London.The Oberlin-Wellington Rescue and the subsequent trial of the rescuers attracted national attention and became a cause celbre of the Abolitionist movement.Two of the rescuers and a third Oberlin resident went on to participate in John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry.

The varsity letter that the team members received was the letter O, and members soon became known as the "Ye-O-Men." Eventually, this nickname was shortened to "Yeomen." When the women's athletics program officially began in 1973, female scholar-athletes were called the "Yeowomen." from Oct. Often found in Tappan Square, the squirrels have held a special place in the hearts of many Obies.

The society was denounced by Charles Finney and the college faculty and ignored by the Oberlin Evangelist, the college newspaper of the day.

This was the college faculty's response to the Non-Resistance Society.

Lewis Tappan, an original benefactor of the college, was closely involved with the freeing of the Amistad captives.

One of them, a girl named Margru, later returned to the United States (the only one of the captives to do so).

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