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3, 2014 – less than six months after tying the knot in a secret ceremony in Maui, Hawaii.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO VIEW LARGERThe pair were last photographed together at the Toronto International Film Festival Fans were surprised to learn about the quickie nuptials at the time, as most were not even aware that the couple had been dating again.

Adam Macdonald: We’ve all had experience in long-term relationships, so it wasn’t really fabricated. The film also will knowingly play into cliches from the horror genre before upending them to go in an entirely different direction. Adam Macdonald: There’s only so many things you can do in the woods, but I was so invested in turning it on its head, like you said, and not be afraid to have certain things happen in the daytime. There was one scene that I was afraid to do, that I was like, “Uhhh, I don’t know how this is going to go.” Every day was hard, but particularly, there was the day at Squamish… Adam Macdonald: We faced different challenges every day, especially when we had only 16 days to shoot. Out of that comes creativity, and whenever it’s like an A, B, C, D, E kind of thing, and everyone’s serious, you lose a lot of opportunities for inspiration.

I could see them pulling from their own life a little bit and it was such an emotional ride to watch. Every other movie, it’s night, and I wanted to use it to my advantage because I want a guy in the audience to go, “Oh, another one of these,” and then “Oh, I didn’t see that coming.” When that happens near the climax, and people get it and they invest in it, and I think they appreciate that it’s like a punch in the face when it happens. That was insane, and it was so important to have a kinship with Missy. There’s a few moments with Missy where she didn’t understand what we were doing, and she’d be like, “What? I’ll show you the playback.” It happened twice where she saw the motion.

The film finds this couple at such an interesting place in their relationship – they’ve obviously been dating for a while, but not necessarily firmly committed to each other when disaster strikes. Adam Macdonald: I was so determined not to make this a champagne bubblegum relationship, like everything’s great, everything’s perfect. There’s a moment you look at your significant other, and you’re like, “Oh my god, I don’t know what I’ll do without you,” and then the next minute, you’re like, “Get out of my face,” so I wanted to create that.

“Blue Valentine” was [an inspiration] even though it built around emotion alone and I was building on other things, but it inspired me to not be afraid to [show] more what a real relationship would be. Jeff Roop: Yeah, Adam would say, “Jeff, I don’t know if this couple makes it just in terms of their own relationship. Then we had the fight scene, and there’s stuff that’s said, and I remember thinking like, “Whoa, that’s harsh.” But when you’re in a long-term relationship, that happens. There’s a grayness to that and Adam really captured it. We did that all in one day, and it was really intense, but what I like about it is that we actually shot the scene [that’s much lighter in tone that takes place] before … It really changed the tone because we were exhausted and tired, so it really created a softness.

Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym tied the knot in a secret ceremony after an equally secretive period of dating, his rep confirms to E! But really, no one would have been the wiser if the super-private newlyweds hadn't spilled the beans themselves."And sure enough, Moore just tweeted: "Congrats to @Zachary Levi and @mperegrym on their stunning wedding and beautiful future.

Being able to work through and portray what it would be like, and ultimately show what it’s like for police officers with families and the issues that they come up against.

There were a lot of friends and family that weren't even able to come, I felt bad about that.

It¹s that one big day, but it was really beautiful, excellent and intimate.” The on-again, off-again couple previously dated back in 2004 In September, the pair made a loved-up appearance at ’s annual Toronto International Film Festival party, held at the Ritz Carlton hotel.

Missy Peregrym: We had a very weird communication pattern. “Oh, okay, it works.” She trusted me, but I trusted her to challenge me too. But I had to really know what I was doing – we shot the climax sequence in pieces, and I had to earn the whole crew’s trust, because it was just me and Christian [Bielz], the DP. ‎No one understood what the hell we were doing, but they trusted me.

Adam would describe something to me, and [all I’d have to say is] “Okay, I know. Adam Macdonald: That created an atmosphere where it was like play time.

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