Lead singer nickelback dating

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i'm willing to bet anyone who writes their own lyrics - which is most bands - would be able to do this exact same thing.

"but if you respect hayley and her band and their music, then you'll know she's extremely mature for her age, and she's not like a normal 19-year-old girl," he explained.

"you can buy her cd and listen to her lyrics and relate to them, and you're older than her, you know what i'm saying?

the only time you'll run into trouble is when it's a rare song from 15 years ago they don't play anymore or it's a group that doesn't write their own songs.

but it's far from rare that a popular musician knows her own lyrics. i mean even if someone didn't write the lyrics to a song they're still performing it hundreds of times a year so i think the words will sink in.

i have respected and admired homosexuals my whole life, but when people mean it in a bad way it sucks.

also, if i was gay and people were sneering at me and calling me straight, i would have felt exactly the same.

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he's not and sometimes it drives him crazy that i don't feel ready to have sex with him, but he respects me and my choices and never once has he tried to pressure me into doing things i don't want to. i don't hang with them anymore and i don't get teased.

she's the kind of artist that even my conservative parents could love, if only she didn't try so hard to alienate them.

which is a shame, because she often has a good message in her music, but her message is so in-your-face that she's preaching to the choir.

it's not dependent on whether or not you think the musician is attractive.

it's not dependent on whether or not the musician is popular.

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