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Though, the latter of which spawned a sequel that has been considered by critics to be one of the worst of the 2000s.Shortly after the release of Father of the Bride, Steve was divorced from his wife of eight years Victoria Tennant.Brilliant as is, one can’t exactly call it a feel good movie, and the film that bested it in this year’s list was a sweet gay romance with a happy ending.There are other surprises to be found in this list, but we’ll leave it to you in the comments to interpret the rankings.before coming on to the cast of the Father of the Bride as flamboyant wedding coordinator Franck.Since then he has starred in dozens of films and movies on the big screen, and also proved himself to be a valuable voice in children's animation, with voice over roles in the likes of Treasure Planet, Frankenweenie and The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!Since the comic was as yet unfinished during filming, the film moves in a slightly different direction to the comic, though core elements remain the same.

After the 1980s were speckled with award nominations aplenty, the 1990s saw Diane moving into more mature roles, such as Nina Banks in Father of the Bride - an understanding and loving woman with seemingly infinite patience for her grumpy, often-irrational husband.

The film proved to be a launchpad for Kimberly's career, leading to starring roles in a number of films throughout the 1990s, including Indian Summer (1993), Coldblooded (1995), and The War at Home (1996).

The almost too-perfect man that young Annie brought home to her father's chagrin was played by an actor who already had a number of roles under his belt including an appearance on Family Ties and a role in the Working Girl TV series.

And we wanted to break out gay documentaries onto their own list (You’ll find the Top 25 Greatest Gay Documentaries results here.) So, after voting closed we sorted through the nearly 35,000 nominations (representing over 600 individual film titles) to identify your top 100 favorite gay films.

Then we announced the top 10 on our Facebook page in alphabetical order and let you vote one last time to decide the top 10 order. We double-checked the numbers, it got beat out by three votes.

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