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As a cultural artifact, however, I'm glad this film is here in the archive, just as I'm glad that examples of war and prejudice are similarly preserved so we don't forget the lessons they teach.If Hovind would truly like to see the coming of Heaven on Earth described by the scriptures that he clings to so tenaciously, there's no better way to hasten that arrival than for him to shut the H*** up.I understand their frustration, at time when I am explaining something to a student and many a foreign student and they do not get it and knowing what they will do can and will endanger other humans in the air and on the ground, make me what to 'fail' them and with some it can cost them their lives or an appendage.(We will not go into that, unless you care to use your imagination!

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Unfortunately for zealots, being ignored is like being fired.

Many others can be noted, so I have seen and know what Mr. More looney-tune Christian Fundamentalist claptrap. Sad, so very sad that this kind of ignorance still lurks in these more enlightened times.

Hovind speaks of is true and as stated parallels also what I had learned in my 150 plus semester hours in the higher educational areas, except one... This asshole uses a "2 2=5 bc I say so" justification for his theories and beliefs. All religious fundamentalism does that and that is why he, like the rest of the fundamentalists, in particularly the religious fundamentalists the world over, is an ignorant and arrogant fool! And I'm a Christian but, anyone who says that they have all the answers and knows the truth is securing for themselves a place in Hell. Christians, already know the truth and we know we will be persecuted in End Times, by the governments of the world and their Satan following general puppet public.. I have no definitive proof it existed before I did.

Electronics (Communication and anything to do with taking intelligences and sending them long distances and keeping others from getting it and using it for their own) I also entered in the Aeronautical and Management Control field (Taught college level courses to adults and gave exams that licensed persons in the FAA and FCC fields) and third I got into a deep field that I cannot get too specific with as it concerns listening to others when they do not know and the means of doing so that even the governments of this world do not know.

Kind of shameful, but then what can you say since you would not and could not say anything about it nor understand why certain things happen and no one except God would know, unless you are taken and or the one that did the taking! I have listened to Kent Hovind many times since he started putting out all of these learning and debating videos and audio tracks, also a few of his acquaintances as well; many of which get upset and act and make a muck of the English language and themselves as supposedly learned folk as they claim and state.

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