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Ammonites worshiped an ancient deity called Moloch.

Excavations by archaeologists near Amman Civil Airport uncovered a temple, which included an altar containing many human bone fragments.

Thirty-two figures were found in two caches, fifteen of them full figures, fifteen busts, and two fragmentary heads.

Three of the busts were two-headed, the significance of which is not clear.

The Romans conquered much of the Levant in 63 BC, inaugurating a period of Roman rule that lasted for four centuries.

Along with a productive agricultural sector, which made Ammon a vital location along the King's Highway, the ancient trade route connecting Egypt with Mesopotamia, Syria and Anatolia.

As with the Edomites and Moabites, trade along this route gave the Ammonites considerable revenue.

In the 13th century BC Amman was the capital of the Ammonites, and became known as "Rabbath Ammon".

Ammon provided several natural resources to the region, including sandstone and limestone.

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