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Being managed by the same Company J-Stars, it given Ming Dao & Qiao En lots of opportunity to co-operated together from making MV clips with their music groups (183 Club & 7 Flowers) or appeared in variety shows together .

However with the Company strict rule, forbidden all internal relationships with its artists.

Chen Chiao En debuto en escena del entretenimiento de Taiwán en 2001 y fue la primera estrella femenina bajo Jungiery.

Protagonizó algunos de los dramas más famosos de la televisión taiwanesa y también es una de las presentadoras de televisión más exitosas.

En 2013, su popularidad aumentó en China, donde obtuvo un gran número de fans, por su aparición en el drama "Xiao Ao Jiang Hu".

Popular couple from Prince Turn to Frog (Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa) -- the second highest-rated drama in Taiwanese Entertainment.

Their collaboration in Prince To Frog was my first Ming En drama and they won my heart.

Then Ying Ye 3 1 wrapped my heart and mind up so that I could not concentrate on my everyday life and that has never happened to me before. Episodes 7-9 had my emotions go from laugher to tears.

I love this drama so much that I am in the process of writing a sequel just so I can wrap up all the loose ends and give Ming En fans the ending they crave. I do not know but then it is fun speculating right? Jia thtlam and much love to all Starrei I love everything about Ming En. And then, it also said that in order to avoid deep misunderstanding of their fans (Ming En fans may be), so MD choose to avoid this too, now, why MD took this one?As leading actor and actress from the well liked drama, Ming Dao and Qiao En have become one the Taiwanese Entertainment's most popular couples!They are referred to as "Ming En" [明恩] by loyal fans.This on screen couple act so well together and between scenes they appear so close that many Ming En fans me included believe they might be secretly a couple. lolthtlam I hoped I helped you launch part 5 with my in depth commentary. I cannot wait for collaboration #3 - Stand By You (SBY) to air. Just like QE to think of him even when she's far away in France. In previous news, it said that MD actually has pushed over so many dramas to act in this one! MD has accept this offer long time ago, it's just An Hui tired of waiting with QE's packed schedule, so they decided to change the female lead instead... I know nothing about her next project after EFHL, while MD's one has been listed till the next year of May!If WZBQW or Prince Turn to Frog, and Ying Ye was an indication of the power of their chemistry, this new drama should be great. Funny, how it seems that if you are good friends you don't have to point it out everytime. At least An Hui also wants to let Ming En collaborate again... ..i was worse then you hahaa.night right before i went to sleep...i read the heading..when i got to bed...i was screaming silently since my sister is there..also my parents were asleep hahaa.then i bit my pillow trying to control my emotions...then i was rolling back and forth and screaming with a pillow to muffle my scream hahaa...i couldnt even go to sleep haha..after reading the translations...i'm feeling better..MEP i stated that like everyone else said...must be a promotion for MD's new's a bit overboard for us Ming En fans..although i bet that certain groups of people are's my thought...1) QE and Md avoiding each other is impossible....

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