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More updates, after enabling boot logging and powering off a few minutes into the black screen the last line is this: BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED \System Root\System32\drivers\I thought this meant it was the driver after it that was causing the problem so I logged on a full boot and disabled the two drivers after that would load, and luafv.sys, to no avail.

So I'm pretty sure it's that that is the culprit, in the boot log it does load once then four times after it tries to load again and fails.

But in the few minutes it was in the other PC it was the same. since its a software problem try updating/reinstalling directx, also have you tried reinstalling your video drivers /using windows 10/8.1 video drivers if your not already?

also since is a direct x component check dxdiag for cluessource: my own windows knowledgesecond source: Keep whittling it down till it works better, or if it doesn't, start checking for startup tasks.

Perhaps it'll get stuck on the driver/part that is hanging it up, may be worth a shot at this point.

Maybe that's not an option hence your post though but it's the ideal way to 'upgrade' IMO and experience.If you did a clean reinstall from Windows 10 media, and you have also swapped the hard drive for an SSD, I'd be suspicious of the hardware.Namely the controllers on the motherboard of the affected system.When it comes up it performs just fine, only on startup do you get this delay.Things I've tried after getting in properly:* Event Viewer - System before the 17 minute delay) * Disabled Fast Start or whatever its called* Safe mode boot, same issue* Duped to an SSD, same issue* Unchecked startup items in msconfig, same issue* Checked Event Viewer - Operational for any startup delay events, nothing. * Uninstalled the last set of Windows Updates (though didn't do the office ones, just Windows) So any advice where to go next?

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