Harmany dating validating commending and celebrating accomplishments

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New Harmony became known as a center for advances in education and scientific research.

New Harmony's residents established the first free library, a civic drama club, and a public school system open to men and women.

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In May 1815 the last of the Harmonists who had remained behind until the sale of their town in Pennsylvania was completed departed for their new town along the Wabash River.Unlike the earlier Harmonist settlement, the Owenite community was not based on shared religious faith and a strong spiritual leader.Owen spent only a few months in residence at New Harmony, where a shortage of skilled craftsmen and laborers along with inadequate and inexperienced supervision and management contributed to its eventual failure."It seemed as though I found myself in the midst of Germany," noted one visitor.In 1819 the town had a steam-operated wool carding and spinning factory, a horse-drawn and human-powered threshing machine, a brewery, distillery, vineyards, and a winery.

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