Google latitude not updating

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We have an important announcement for you in the begging of the 2014! First, let us recall what the perfect opportunity gave us Google when proposed a universal thing like Google Latitude.

It tracked your location and helped to stay connected with your close friends.

Other than that, I don’t understand why anyone would want to tell dozens of other people their every move.

The biggest reason Latitude hasn’t got widespread usage is that Facebook’s check-ins update your location history, let you tell your friends what you are up to. Why would people want to use Latitude when far more popular services (which your friends are therefore likely to already have) are beckoning you to join them?

If you eagerly updated your Android device to the shiny new version of Google Maps yesterday, only to despair at the absence of Google's Latitude location tracking/sharing service, there's a good reason for that.

Latitude is going the way of Google Reader, and the service will disappear completely on August 9th.

Although other location services also use Google Maps, most offer more than that – Foursquare also lets you become a Mayor of a venue, or earn trophies, for example: a small incentive to keep on using it. Latitude’s regular automated check-in may seem like a neat feature at first, but it certainly welcomes problems.

The wife hops on her phone or tablet while he is out and sees that his location has been updated far away from where he said he would be.

and Windows Phone is not the one which is supported.

We’ve been waiting for Google to come up with new API, were looking for an alternative solutions but nothing happened. Realizing that we won’t get any good news about Google Latitude for Windows Phone, we decided to make our own Simple Latitude service and we did it!

An automatic check-in feature may seem snazzy, but I’ve found that most automated features on smartphones have a habit of coming back to bite me later.

Besides allowing you to see your friends (who have also enabled Latitude) on a map, this application doesn’t anything.

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