Drawing down the moon dating review

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Some members sabotage their dating chances by agreeing to meet only one out of 20 potential dates.

In other cases, a member may ring and say: "I had a wonderful time last night, they had to throw us out of the restaurant, but the thing is, I didn't fancy him." What a matchmaker has to do is to "enthuse" people to get past that first date and persuade them to try again.

Founded in a Bloomsbury bookshop in the early 80s, Drawing Down the Moon was the very first personal matchmaking and introduction agency in the UK.

75% of our clients approach us because we've already successfully matched their friends and relations.

The logic behind such sites is inexorable – if you can order goods and services and book holidays online, why should you not look for a partner?

On the face of it, online dating is the “killer app” of the singles scene.

But it turned out to be "damn hard work," she says.Even if we can't help, we'll give you lots of useful advice about alternatives and a free copy of my Smart Dating book. Dating tips, webinars and downloads, videos, seminars and events.Is intelligent eloquent conversation more appealing than a, so called, ‘perfect’ body?If someone doesn't come to mind, then she goes through the photos and profiles on file, as well as holding mini conferences with colleagues.Kennedy has been with Drawing Down the Moon for 13 years. I'm a good judge of character and quite perceptive." If you're interested in becoming a matchmaker - or even in starting your own agency - then Kennedy's boss, Mary Balfour, has plenty of advice.

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