Detailsview not updating

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I thought it should pass the Drop Down List ID, which was "Status List".I changed that to "Status" and it's saving it now. When using Sql Data Source it is best not to do any Data Bind in code-behind.

The most common problem with regard to receiving old data in updates is that there is a Data Bind in code-behind that overwrites the posted values.

You can place the Details View on a separate page to perform an Insert or Update operation.

The following example shows a Details View configured on a separate page for Insert and Updates.

Hello, I am having an issue getting my detailsview to update a row when "update" is clicked.

One thing I discovered that may be some kind of indicator to what the issue is, is that on the Updating event, e.newkeys["field] contains the values of e.oldkeys. I receive no errors, just that the fields go back to readonly with their original values.

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