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Its aim was to protect the interests of sugar cane planters at a time when European powers were competing for control of the Eastern Caribbean.

Turkey Criteria: (ii)(iii)(iv) This site is located on a secluded plateau of northeast Turkey overlooking a ravine that forms a natural border with Armenia.

This medieval city combines residential, religious and military structures, characteristic of a medieval urbanism built up over the centuries by Christian and then Muslim dynasties.

The city flourished in the 10th and 11th centuries CE when it became the capital of the medieval Armenian kingdom of the Bagratides and profited from control of one branch of the Silk Road.

It includes (residential and educational buildings) and important art works in stucco, stone and metal.This may be due to that the website is being developed, that maintenance is underway or that the website is closed due to some other reason.Domain owner, please see your contact address (email) or contact [email protected] more information.Later, under Byzantine, Seljuk and Georgian sovereignty, it maintained its status as an important crossroads for merchant caravans.The Mongol invasion and a devastating earthquake in 1319 marked the beginning of the city’s decline.

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