Dating someone out of pity

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This is the "morning-after effect." Others might feel bad both before and after illicit sex, but enjoy the sex itself.

In pity sex, however, the bad feeling often prevails throughout—before, during, and after sex.

It seems that the best circumstances to have sex are those of partners feeling profound love in which a pleasurable mood predominates before, during, and after sex.

"We became friends and I found out he was a virgin and had never had a girlfriend before. And what is the difference between pity sex and "charity sex"?It occurs during an ongoing intimate relationship and is a superficial, isolated activity that, as in pity sex, may be at odds with the current relationship between the two partners.In both scenarios, sex is intended to meet the needs of another person, but in charity sex it takes place in a more profound and enduring relationship.There are a few circumstances—profound love being the most typical—when there is profound satisfaction all along, and other circumstances when there is profound dissatisfaction all along (as for the pitier in pity sex).Psychological dilemmas are scarcely present in these two circumstances; such dilemmas typically arise when satisfaction and suffering are mixed.

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