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Starting in 1990, John compiled his list from a survey of more than 3000 Vibroplexes, their serial numbers, and the date they were purchased, if known.

Owners should apply some common sense to the information in John’s document.

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New company using up No word Pat- 833 Broadway plates between Sep. Another who has been most helpful is Tom French, W1IMQ. I’m afraid no publisher would accept that, so this paragraph will show my appreciation for your fine cooperation.

After the above dates have been ascertained, other dates were de- termined by extrapolation of the figures.

Remember, these are approximate dates but I feel they are very close. 1923 "The Railroad Telegrapher", "The Railroad Telegrapher", Dec.

I want to say a special thank you to my wife, Edith, for all her help and patience over the years. The first draft of this article listed each of you but it ran two and a half pages - single spaced.

For a rough estimate of when your key was made, use that patent date and the next patent’s filing date. A most heartfelt thank you to the many who furnished data on your keys.

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