Dating a korean american man

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The fact of the matter is, if you can’t communicate with her then building anything ‘long term’ will be difficult, if not impossible.

Sure, you can get involved, and even have a relationship started, but eventually she and you will want to talk about deeper things and feelings.

For one thing, many Korean women have the fears that I’ve talked about earlier.

You also need to understand that in general Korean society tends to value: – harmony more than justice – the group more than the individual – conformity more than independence – silence more than sound – not being seen as wrong more than being right – social status more than the person who has it These differences in values are what frustrates foreigners the most both in sexual and non-sexual relationships (you can read more about Korean dating values by clicking on the link.) If you plan on coming to Korea and what to date Korean women, you need to understand that in most cases, what they value and seek out of a relationship is different than what you might expect from your home country…radically different!

You also have to understand and accept that the other person has other values and beliefs too!

Not to mention the barrage of questions they’ll be getting such as “Is he just another English Teacher? If you’re in Korea, you’ll have to accept the fact that some old man (adjoshi) might chase you down , yelling obscenities at your girlfriend just because she is with you.

I’m also not saying that there aren’t valid reasons for the circumstances we face.

Too many foreigners have been careless and foolish here.

I’ve been living in South Korea for more than 3 years, going on dozens of dates and then dating many Korean women not because I wanted to, but because of I had no other choice: I’m a foreigner. I’ve read books about the country, am learning the language, and have helped both foreigners and Koreans with their dating lives.

In fact it can be downright frustrating no matter how much you love each other!

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