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This is called heel drop, and often you can find it listed in millimeters (mm).

Look for shoes with a heel drop of less than eight mm, with four mm or less being preferred.

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Walkers need less cushioning: Walkers don't need extra forefoot cushioning, and most can do with less heel cushioning.

Extra cushioning adds extra weight, so it is a trade-off between a heavier shoe that lessens the trauma to your feet and legs and a lighter shoe in which you may be able to run or walk faster.

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While racing flats and extremely light minimalist/barefoot shoes may work for shorter walks, they do not have enough cushioning for regular use or longer walks.

Both running shoes and walking shoes need to be flexible.

Press down with the toe of the shoe and see where the shoe bends.

Walkers strike the ground with their heel, and a flared heel impedes rolling forward through the step.

A true fitness walking shoe would have an undercut heel rather than a flared heel or built-up heel.

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