Dating a druze men

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“Eventually [the religious leaders] will lose the faith of the community,” he said.

“They are running the danger of making the religion irrelevant.” To bring young Druze back into the fold, Druze leaders have begun organizing spiritual retreats around the country.

We were named AFTER him as a cruel joke by other Muslims who probably sought to make us...

I mean, let's talk about THAT for a minute: The name literally comes from a historically infamous traitor to our religion.

and I am actually quite religiously involved in the Druze religion because I live in Dubai, know Arabic and visit Syria all the time.

I want to raise Druze children, I want to marry a Druze man. But isn't it unfair how us Druze in general love...

The Druze have persisted for over a thousand years, but for American Druze, ensuring that their community will survive past the 21st century has meant facing difficult questions about striking a balance between religion and secular culture. As a result, the majority of Druze Americans are relatively uninformed about their faith, and many don’t even have Arabic language skills.

The religion has also struggled with restrictions that some consider out of step with contemporary life in the U. According to Michael Malek Najjar, a professor of theater arts at the University of Oregon and a second-generation Druze American, prohibitions on intermarriage and being openly gay are “driving a lot of Druze away.” He added that these issues “are frankly causing a major schism in the American Druze and Western Druze societies that are going to lead to a gradual diminishment of the faith.” Ismail Poonawala, a professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at UCLA, agrees that the failure to update centuries-old mandates could be doing a disservice to everybody.

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