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If they are in a position to pay for more dinners or trips, accept their generosity with gratitude. If you’ve been making minimum payments and then suddenly make huge payments, you will probably get your credit limits slashed, which hurts your score. If you’re still paying down credit cards, this will be no problem, but if you want the best credit score, don’t just quit using your cards (i.e. Just be sure to review the charges and payments together so no one gets a nasty surprise.

No one is perfect, so there is no point in being ashamed about your bad credit — it is only one of the many things that make up who you are.

On Thursday, the New York Post featured tales of women who take credit scores into account in their romantic lives.

Take Martina Paillant, a Brooklyn resident who refuses to date anyone with a credit score under 700.

[Free Resource: Check your free credit report and score] The best credit scores are built on good financial plans.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be with someone who’s got potential.

“It tells the person’s level of fiscal responsibility and how they’ve handled past obligations.

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(Maybe it’s not even as bad as the shame makes it feel like it is! B) Another route is to get a debt consolidation loan, where you borrow a lump sum to pay off all your credit cards, and then you only make the payments on that loan. I’m not going to be able to go out as much, but I would love to have you over more for dinners in [or go on more walks in the park, take advantage of free museum nights, etc.].” 5. If your partner offers to help, don’t automatically say no because you want to be independent and show them how tough you are. If someone offers to pay all your cards off, do some deep soul searching about what kind of strings might come with it, and get it in writing, even if it’s that there are no strings. Tip: If you want the best credit score, pay the credit cards down over time, rather than all at once. Ensure that you have positive pay history every month. An alternative to this would be if you were an authorized user on someone's card, but don’t actually physically have a card.

In lieu of dinner and a movie, may we suggest and chill?

, “Even Cupid Wants to Know Your Credit Score,” about the newest trend in online dating: matches based on credit scores.

That takes someone who is organized and attentive to details.

Shows up with no ideas and can’t keep their eyes off of their i Phone.

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