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Eiji Tachibana is a young Japanese transfer student beginning his first semester at an unmentioned, fictional junior college.

Distant and unacquainted from the rest of the school, Eiji is, for the most part, a friendless and withdrawn boy.

He can also form virtual cat claws from his hands, created to form the “Phantom Claw” attack (but not while he’s in character transformation).

Two light novels and three manga series all written by various authors were eventually translated into two seasons of TV anime.

There’s a sequel to this TV anime series called This catgirl character is Kayanuma Kiko, the otaku-obsessed assistant to Kurasawa Gai, a detective in the anime.

In fact the only person who seems to even acknowledge his presence is Shizuko Azumi, the girl who sits behind him.

One morning after class, Shizuko invites Eiji to lunch; Rumi Takahata, the bubbly class representative, excitedly joins as well.

That sounds like a lot to read through before November, when players will likely wish the world was just a bit more like the one depicted in On spoilers and using the guide A walkthrough of Resident Evil 7 biohazard often requires spoiling things.

We’ll avoid talking about anything that hasn’t happened yet, but we’re not going to be cagey about what’s...

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