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Unresolved is the key term for this specific dating break notation.If you are in therapy and have their consent, in recovery, or have beaten the odds and no longer suffer on a day-to-day basis from a mental health or addiction disorder, there is no reason to stop dating.Just as there are perfect times in one's life to meet someone new, there are also times when it is better to take a break from dating. Read on to see if your circumstances fit any of these criteria.If one or more fit your current situation, it's time to rethink your dating strategy and possibly take a dating break.The first temptation to be avoided is the need to blame somebody or something.Because there are only the two of you, it's logical that you will decide, heroically of course, to make it all your fault, even though you know it's not true: "You're too good for someone like me," "I don't deserve you," — both of which mean you want out now.My husband thought it dragged from the middle on a little, although I didn't.

Give yourself at least a month for every year the two of you were together and/or married to work through the myriad of emotions you are facing before even thinking about dating again.Or you could blame your partner: "You never loved me enough," "You cared more about your work than you did me," "You've never really gotten over your first love," "You've put on weight, lost hair, gotten moody..." Yada, yada, yada. All you have to do to be dignified is to be specific about your feelings without laying blame.It doesn't matter in the long run whose fault it is, and avoiding blame spares you both a lot of pain.My husband and I went to see this film on its opening night and weren't surprised to see a full theatre.The movie has its hilarious moments which are interspersed with plenty of uncomfortable, tense arguments as these 2 people who love one another try to one-up each other in the payback mode for the pain in their relationship.

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