Blackberry desktop manager error updating software

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The software will run for 30-days in trial mode without requiring a registration code.Once the 30-day trial expires, you must purchase a registration code to continue using the product.The password is a word you define and must be entered each time you launch Splash ID. You can purchase a license from within the Splash ID Safe desktop.You will be asked to do so at launch, but you can also purchase a license from our website before running it.

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Also, make sure there are no spaces before, after, or within the code.

Enter it exactly as it appears, and the trial software will be converted into a registered version.

I installed Splash ID on a new handheld/desktop and it's asking me for my registration code. If you installed Splash ID on a new handheld or desktop, you can find your existing registration code on the old device as follows: Desktop Launch Splash ID Desktop, then select About Splash ID Desktop from the Help Menu.

Also, make sure you are not confusing your registration code with your password.

The registration code only needs to be entered once. Because of all the enhancements that were made in Splash ID 6, you will be asked to purchase an upgrade from your version 4 or 5 license.

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