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He took his dick out and used it to scoop the cum on my chin into my mouth, I then sucked him clean. " I took his dick out of my mouth, still slowly stroking him.

"Hell yeah." He rubbed his finger on my lips, then I sucked on his finger gently.

I took his cock in my hand, he was semi erect and was already about 7 inches and I could only just fit my hand around it. After stroking and kissing his cock for a while I started to suck it. I started to rub his thick muscly thighs through his camo pants while I was working his dick around my mouth, sucking him furiously, bobbing my head up and down his sweet manhood.

I slid my hands up his legs and started to rub his hard abs, he then grabbed my hands and started to fuck my face and I had no control over my body.

"Glad you enjoyed it, you definitely have the sweetest cock I've ever tasted." I smiled, showing of my perfect teeth, the smile was contagious as he returned it straight away. I want to see his black muscular body glisten with sweat as he drives himself deep into my firm ass. I realized quickly that I didn't want to never see this man again.

He grabbed my bubble butt with both hands and pressed me against him, I slid my hands up his shirt and felt his wet body, perfectly toned, very muscular chest, just how I like it. He then slid one of his hands up my shirt and onto my lower back, his hands were so big and strong. He was staring into my eyes, then he kissed me hard on the lips and his tongue dove into my mouth and took control of me, he explored every inch of my mouth as our big lips pressed against each other's. And to be perfectly honest, I wanted him just as bad. This was a complete stranger that forced me to suck his dick. So, I pulled the pen out of my pocket and wrote my number on his hand. Soon." I kissed him, which quickly turned into a short make-out session before I left the restroom to make my journey home where I would get rid of my enormous hard on. My first time on my knees was in an open seating theater at an adult arcade.

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"Damn son, you the best cock sucker I ever had." He was completely spent, his hostility had deteriorated over the course of the blowjob.

I stood up, still looking up at him because of his height. I want to feel his beautiful black cock pulsing inside me.

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