Auto updating pivot table

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However, avoid attempting to add a new measure using the New Calculated Field dropdown: If you attempt to use that New Calculated Field menu while Auto Refresh is disabled, you will get the error "Could not add the field ' Your calculation' to the Pivot Table because the formula is invalid." Note: This feature is only visible in Excel 2013 against Pivot Tables connected to the Excel Data Model (i.e. Note: The December 2014 update of Excel 2013 includes some significant stability improvements and an enhancement that gets you about half of the way towards "Disable Auto Refresh" functionality.It disables auto-refresh of Pivot Tables while the Power Pivot window is in focus, but as soon as you remove focus from the Power Pivot window, it auto-refreshes.The changes that you can make to existing data sources include the following: In Windows Vista and Windows 7, features in the Power Pivot window are available on a ribbon, which is discussed in this topic.In Windows XP, features are available from a set of menus.

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This scenario is described more fully in a blog post by Greg Galloway.

The latter option is handy if you are getting data from relational databases that contain live sales information, or data feeds that are updated several times a day.

When you import data from an external data source into your workbook, you can choose to keep the data as is, to capture a point in time for further analysis, or you can update the data from the source whenever you choose.

The Pivot Table report is refreshed automatically upon selecting the sheet that contains it.

Note: To find the Pivot Table report name (in this example, Pivot Table1), select a cell in the Pivot Table report, right click, and then select Table Options from the shortcut menu.

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