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We saw her off-duty in a butcher's: "Can I have some of your cumberland sausage? That'll keep me satisfied for a while, won't it, boys? Similarly, audio dominatrix Marnie issued orders down the phone to her slaves while strolling on a busy towpath.

" Back at home, a shamelessly contrived set-up saw Jenny on the job and doing domestic chores at the same time, a cordless landline phone wedged under her chin as she repainted the kitchen. " (She hadn't – she'd not painted above the hob yet.) My Phone Sex Secrets hopped from one comic kook to another, with sly narration from Katherine Parkinson ("Jenny honed her skills in the armed forces...") and perky Pathe-style muzak. Marnie (above) did, however, have a weakness for what you'd think were mood-shattering ad libs ("Well done!

A 44-year-old man married 26 years to a woman who became hooked on cybersex wrote: "At first we had sex more than ever as I desperately tried to prove myself. I get strong pictures of what she did and lusted after, and I get repelled and feel bad." Women who become cybersex addicts may face even greater risks than their male counterparts."People who are vulnerable can get hooked before they know it." To those who say a behavioral compulsion is not a true addiction, Dr.Schneider responded with a definition of addiction that would clearly apply to cybersex abusers: "Loss of control, continuation of the behavior despite significant adverse consequences and preoccupation or obsession with obtaining the drug or pursuing the behavior." Although behavioral addictions involve no external drugs, preliminary research has suggested that they cause changes in brain chemicals, like the release of endorphins, that help to perpetuate the behavior."Simply sitting down to work at the computer can start a sexual response that may facilitate online sexual activities," he wrote in the journal.As with other addictions, tolerance to cybersex stimulation can develop, prompting the addict to take more and more risks to recapture the initial high, Dr. Online viewing that began as a harmless recreation can become an all-consuming activity and even lead to real sexual encounters with people met online.

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