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not using Latin alphabets) following for instance, the even more limited message lengths involved when using for example, Cyrillic or Greek letters.

of the English language following its use and incorporation into non-English linguistic contexts.

Two, typing on a phone is normally slower than with a keyboard, and capitalization is even slower.

As a result, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization are largely ignored.

Recipients may have to interpret the abbreviated words depending on the context in which they are being used.

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Faramerz Dabhoiwala wrote in The Guardian in 2016: "modern usages that horrify linguistic purists in fact have deep historical roots.

Once it became popular it took on a life of its own and was often used outside of its original context.

At its peak, it was the cause of vigorous debate about its potentially detrimental effect on literacy, but with the advent of alphabetic keyboards on smartphones its use, and the controversies surrounding it, have receded and died off.

In many countries, people now have access to unlimited text options in their monthly plan, although this varies widely from country to country, and operator to operator.

However, screens are still small and the input problem persists, so SMS language is still widely used for brevity.

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