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Unless you’re dealing with a sensitive “feminazi” type, then I would tell you to RUN. I’m just thinking about when you were perched in my lap, my thick cock up inside you and you riding me as I hold you in place and squeeze your luscious hips and booty into me so I can go deeper inside you. And an hour before your date with her she gets cold feet because she’s just not in the same mood she was in earlier when she had that conversation with you and so she FLAKES!

The truth of the matter is that this is extremely common behavior for women when they’ve taken things too sexual too soon over text.

By hitting the proper stages of escalation, you communicate to a girl you’re trustworthy and are experienced enough to handle business with her. first be sensual, when she responds to this and gets into it, THEN you can use stronger sexual language and more “action” type verbage of what you want to do to her. It is quite luscious to seduce a woman the way she wants to be seduced and to witness it unfold. (cont’d from example above) As you can see I put these all together, but you can use just a couple of them at a time to really get a girl hot and bothered.

There are multiple ways of doing this and below I’ve put down a few examples that include: roleplays, descriptive touching/caressing, appeals to a girl’s nurturing side (while not looking like a weakling), taking control of her body, assigning her womanly chores such as making you a sandwich or being your nurse, or describing a previous encounter with her in a very descriptive fashion. I also introduced good context for setting up the sextual dialogue. There are TONS of good sexual one-liners in pornos, USE them, with a deadpan no nonsense style. Just something about having my face in between your legs devouring your little dark private place while I forced you to give my cock pleasure in that warm little mouth of yours End Disclaimer for Guys: Say you met a girl at the club, or you have classes with her at school and got her phone number.

This is 12 years of naughty writing composition based on years of dating and seducing the fairer sex; all consolidated into one source.

I wrote this because Cosmopolitan magazine tried to write an article on it and it was so horrible I almost cried!

I’d been doing this for years, but it was my buddy that made me aware of what I was doing.

Until he brought up this initial “sensual” stage of sextual escalation, I hadn’t realized why sometimes my sexting was a massive success and then sometimes it sputtered out. This is why they are always asking for foreplay before getting fucked, it revs up their motor and gets them all warm and tingly.

These are the things that get a woman ready to be penetrated. Only THEN can you tell a girl you want to fuck her hard till she can’t breathe and leave her a quivering little mass of jello 😉 What does this mean in application??So generally you won’t get any kind of worthwhile response anyways.If you and bait him to meet up with you, sexting is great 🙂 Here’s a sexting example with a girl that I’d hooked up with before but hadn’t yet had sex with, but we definitely BOTH acknowledged we were into each other: hooked up with already, OR, maybe you just want to get down to business and have this guy come over IMMEDIATELY to fuck your brains out 😉 If you feels like being blunt and hitting him with a hot surprise you can start with a simple “Baby why aren’t you inside me right now.” OR, you can hint at “being in the mood” and start off with not so sexually explicit language like “Baby I’m kinda feeling kinky right now, shhh don’t tell anyone!What would you do about it if you were here right now ;)” The second part of that sentence is very important as it forces him to participate.Once upon a time, in a land not so far from where you’re standing, (heck, it might even be exactly where you’re standing) the only thing a potential employer could know about you was what you put on your resume. Today, a potential employer has no qualms about checking your social media profiles (which is why many believe that social media is the new resume).

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